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There is a broad range of work happening in our lab but in general we use theoretical, computational, bioinformatic and comparative genomic approaches to address questions in evolution and genetics.

I am an evolutionary biologist and much of my work investigates the influence of sex on genetic and genomic evolution using nematode worms as a model system. Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the lab pursue their own research interests including field, wet lab and computational projects.

For a complete list of publications see my Google Scholar here:

Current Projects


National Science Foundation

CAREER: Reproductive Mode and Horizontal Gene Transfer in
Nematode Worms: Training Early Career Researchers in Computational Evolutionary



National Science Foundation

In collaboration with Dr. Jeff Lozier, University of Alabama

Biogeographic variation in bumble bee cold tolerance: scaling from epigenotype to phenotype across levels of biological organization



National Institutes of Health

R35: Structural variants and the locus of evolution

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